Note: This is the page were you'll meet the powerful warriors. Remember, when they rage, they rage like monsters, they wreck havok the place, kills enemy soldiers and Never stops till he gets all of them.

Dragon's RageEdit

There is one member of GAPK which can rage like a Dragon. He is very picky on which weapons to use when entering "Rage Mode". The Dragon Rager uses Minigun as his "Breath of Fire", BNG as his "Fire Ball" and Swords as his "Claws". Carl101joshua is the only member of GAPK which rages like a Dragon. Players call him like a real Dragon. Sometimes, a map is created as a home for the Dragon, Every map that was for this Dragon was a Game name warning telling: "Beware of Dragon".

"Players who face this Dragon, shall think twice, before leaving a mark" -Carl101joshua

Demon's RageEdit

There is one member of GAPK who can Rage in Demonic Destruction. He uses any weapons he can Find, as long as he kills all his enemies. Players who have encountered his rage before, call him " Demonic Rampage of Hell". The Dragon's Rage is more powerful than Demon's Rage , because the Dragon has killed 400 players in the past Month, while the Demon's Rage has killed only 30+ players in the past month.Chris123labial is the one who can Rage like a Demon, Despite of his Demonic Actions in War, he is pretty Dangerous.

"Those who are brave enough to face me, shall weild total devistation, those enough to run away from the demon, shall burn like wood" -Chris123labail

Raging Tips of Demon and Dragon:Edit

There are 5 stages of rage. The Demon and Dragon Rage wield its stages. The first stage consists of Devastation and maximum power, in other words, he kills 20% faster than his normal speed kills. The second stage is, Derive amount of power towards the Raging player, in other words, he becomes more playful of his kills and will do anything to get revenge. The third and fourth are the same, They rage by killing faster or slower- fast because of weilding a fast weapon, and slow because of weilding a slow weapon such as sniper-. The final Fifth rage is all hell brakes lose, will get any weapon, speed kill any enemy in sight and finish the mission as fast as possible.

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