GAPK stand for Galactic Army Peace Keepers.

First Time[First day]Edit

GAPK is created because many wars ouccur, and we are trying to stop it. We spread Peace though, some clans doesnt want peace. We set allies to help spread peace and destroy our enemies. When I first released the clan, I have already recruited the first 6 members. The 6 members were worthy enough to pass and become a GAPK.

Second Time[Second day]Edit

When the 6 members were now official, the table was set to now recruit New Ranks. G-Adm, H-Adm, V-Adm and S-Adm is created by me as the Elite Group of 4. GAPK is now ready for more members and happy to get them.

Third Time[Last day]Edit

Now our Elite Group has been set, it is time to recruit and have soldiers for a growing coloney.

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