Welcome to the GAPK Clan WikiEdit

Galactic Army Peace Keepers [GAPK]

We are created because of all the wars here in Plazma Burst 2 and were putting an End to it. So please help us maintain peace.

Getting Started with our new PageEdit

Greeting to all players, our Page is very easy to access in, all you have to do is type what you wanna search in the search box and there you have it. We have many finished and unfinished pages yet. Feel Free to search anything you want, do missions in the Mission Board Page, check your ranks in the Ranks Page, check on how to be recruited or how to be a member on the How to be GAPK Page, check the history of the GAPK and what's it all about in All about GAPK Page, go and find out what are the rules of GAPK and trials when you do a offence in the Rules Page, and so much more.


GAPK has tons of missions to be completed, so come to the mission board, choose a mission verifying on your rank then feel free to complete the mission. It is optional if you want a mission. If you done many missions, just count them all, report it to me and I might just rank you up

Highest Elite CouncilEdit

We have elected our President, Vice President and Secretary. These are your Boss

President and Clan Founder:matty456belen

Vice President: chris123labial

Secretary: matty123belen


This is the first basic Part of being a GAPK members, if you dont put your name properly i may kick you out of the clan or ill hunt you down till you remove your fake ID. Make sure you put them as i wanted or die. Please visit the Uniform Page for details

Suit Color: BLUE

Proper ID Tag: [GAPK]rank. login/nickname

Sample: [GAPK]Lt.:johnvincent40

Proper tag of Badge: All letters in the GAPK acronym must be capital and no periods between the letter. The Rank ID must start with the first letter Capital then next letters are small letter

Proper way: [GAPK]Rec.

Wron way: [gapk]REC.

Note: I am VERY STRICT about on how to put the correct ID or else youll be hunted down and get killed and perform a trial.

Special MissionsEdit

Special missions occur rarely so this is your chance to take this and rank up very high, so if your a Rec. and you finished this you might be Admiral in no time. Special Missions are very hard to accomplish, you might need a team to complete this more easily. This missions are very recommended for Low and High ranks, though Clan Leaders are very welcome to try these quests. Clan Leader allies are the only ones access to complete these hard missions, if clan members such as EKAT's Rec. ranks want to take the mission they will have to be givin permission by me and their Clan Leader. If you done this mission 100% complete just report back to me and I may just rank you up. These are now your Special Missions:

1.) Hunt down and kill the SGSA Leader Mikhail450

Goal & Description: Hunt and immidiately kill SGSA Leader Mikhail he is very dangerous, his rank maybe lower than a PROmoted rank but he is very dengerous. And also you need an team of at least 2 men to hunt him down. SGSA Leader Mikhail is guarded by his SGSA fellow council members. Although some clans doesnt know that SGSA exist since SGSA clan is a secret not even the president of GSA knows it.

Hint on finding him: I have recently thought of adding him as a friend as a trick to letting the SGSA secret protection unit not aware. I acted that we were friends but infact it is an opportunity in finding him easier. Just find my account [GAPK Pres. matty456belen] and go and find him in my list of friends. This is his Mikhail's nickname: [Leader of SGSA]Adm.:Mikhail450:[The.Elite.Council.Leader][PRO]

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