Note:Respect fellow members of the GAPK Military and council, and they will respect you too. If you done a offence you will be noted to trial and you will be bookmarked as the latest trial member. There are many Conciquences for offences depending on what you did. Now here are the Rules


1. Talk to military and council members nicely, and they will talk to you nicely. Do not be nice to noobs.

2. Never raid a base without permission from the President or the Secretary.

3. Your badge tag must be [GAPK](rank){your login/nickname}. [Model: [GAPK]Cpt.:chris123labial:]. If you dont show it like what I said you will be kicked out, hunted down and killed till you remove it or trialed and sent to GEL [A.K.A Great Enemy List]

3. Call officers "Sir" or "Ma'am" (man and woman)

4. You are allowed to make peace with other clans [Exept our enemies], but must tell it to me before full confirmation

5. Think before you act

6. Before Joining GAPK clan, you must wear any blue or white suit.

7. When you want to be a member, tell me in Message or go to a GAPK[Recruiting base], you are allowed to be recruited there. No Guests or bystanders allowed there or immidiate killing of bystander or guest.

8. Every GAPK member has 5 tests to pass to see if their real or fake.

9. The President or Vice President may fire any GAPK member or council.

10. You are allowed to investigate and spy any GSA, BoZ and CCC base, as long as you as permission from the President and must tell me what have you found out about your investigation.


1. Never violate any rule, exept when its very nessesary. The Secretary, Vice President and Me the President may violate a rule, but for nessesary reasons.

2. The President may give changes to rules, etc. in every meeting with the council, we will inform you guys on which rules have changed. Any member changes rules unauthorized, he or she will be in trial and will be kicked out of GAPK.

3. When recruiting a player to a GAPK, he or she must start with the rank Rec. And when you are being recruited by a recruiter of GAPK make sure he or she isnt fake.


Offences are a degree of which on how many rules you've broken. The more rules you break, the higher the risk you'll be kicked out. There are 3 Degrees on which you can be implimented in. If you broke a Basic rule, your record will show "1 broken rule", for Advance rules, they're the same. Here's the implimations:


Minor Offences- Break a Basic Rule

1- 1st warning occurs

2- 2nd warning occurs

3- Turns to 1 Major Offence

Major Offence- Break a Advance rule

1- 1st warning occurs

2- 2nd warning occurs

3- Turns to Serious Offences, also rank deduction by 1 or 2

Secrious Offence- Breaking Basic and Advance rules

1- Rank Deduction by 1

2. Rank dedection by 2, also sent to jail

3- Back to the rank Rec., or Kicked out forever and can never return

NOTE:when you are offended, you are immidiatly requested to the Supreme Court. You will be also in the Trial Records of GAPK handbook. This will be attached to you until you became a Admiral. When you became admiral, all your trials will be erased from your records.


These are your trials. In the Court, The President will be the Judge. Here are your Degree Trials

First Degree- For Minor Offences

- Warning, Deduction of Rank by 1 or Retrain.

Second Degree- For Advance Offences

- Warning, Deduction of rank by 2 or 3 or Retrain.

Third Degree- For all offences

- Major Deduction of rank by going back to Rec., Retrain(High Sessions), or Getting kicked for LIFE

NOTE:If you failed to come to Court in a Third Degree for atleast 5 minutes, you will be kicked out of GAPK automatically. If you failed to come to court holding a First or Second Degree Charge, you are excused but, plus 1 to your "Rules Broken List".

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