Note: This will show on you can be a GAPK member and for Recruiters this will show you which ones to recruit.

How to be a memberEdit

This is a very important league in becoming a member. Take this contract seriously, if we found out that your fake we will kick you and we will hunt you down and kill you till you remove that badge. So please take this STRICTLY. First thing to start with is your rank. If you are Rank Advance marine and below you are qualified to take the rank ORQ [Other Ranking Qualification]. Chech the Ranking Page for more info about Other Rankings. If you are Race Rescuer Rank and above you can take the rank LRQ [Low Rank Qualification] to HRQ [High Rank Qualification].

All Members of ORQ start with the rank Mdc.[Medic] or rank Plc.[Police] depending on your k/d ratio. All members of LRQ your rank starts with Rec.[Recruit] or Sgt.[Sergeant] depending again on your k/d ratio. LRQ when ranked up becomes ARQ [Average Rank Qualification] then becomes HRQ.

All members who wants to join you must find, Add and PM me in Plazma Burst 2 or you may go to US Washington Server and look for the map GAPK(Recruiting Base) at that base you can be recruited by me or the Secretary. If you join other maps of GAPK but not saying (Recruiting Base) you are not able to be recruited so please go to a (Recruiting base) of the GAPK.

How to be RecruitedEdit

There are lots of recruiters in GAPK. Again you can only be recruited in the GAPK Recruiting base, nothing more, nothing less. In order to be Recruited, Recruiters must check your Rank, k/d Ratio and your skills. This will all depend on your rank on which your suited with. After you've been recruited, you must derectly add me, the president, and ill confirm you as a official member of GAPK.

Also GAPK Recruiters will tell you insructions on how to be a GAPK. Please follow them and do not underestimate them or you will die and never be a GAPK member anymore. GAPK recruiters will check your rank most importantly. If your a Advance marine below you get to be ORQ, but if you are a Race Rescuer and above you can be a LRQ and ranking above.

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