Choose a mission according to your rank and do them. Count how many missions you've done then report them to me and i might just rank you up.

High Rank MissionsEdit

1. Raid and destroy a GSA, BoZ or BOA base

2. Recruit 10 Players officially and with permission from me

3. Help in the war in EKAT vs GSA. Make sure EKAT that your helping wins

4. Kill 35 SGSA

5. Kill the GSA H-Adm, shockywolf

Average Rank MissionsEdit

1. Recruit 4 Players officially and with my permission

2. Kill 20 SGSA

3. Invade a GSA base and kill its warriors in it

4. Defend the DKA university against GSA, Fake or not for 30 Mins

5. Kill at least 40 GSAs or BOA

Low Rank MissionsEdit

1. Kill at least 30 GSAs or BoZ

2. Raid the BoZ base

3. Find Isaac Shepard [AGSA Elite] and be allies with him

4. Kill a SGSA

Other Rank MissionsEdit

1. Heal at least 1000 players in 1 day

2. Help defend the base of our allies without dying

3. Win a Sniper Battle with deaths upto 15

4. Hunt Down Shockywold and assasinate him as many times as you want

5. Jail over 50 Enemy players in 1 day

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