Note: This is where you'll find the place of your ranks. It is sorted form Highest to lowest in each Rank. All new members start with the rank Recruit[Rec.], while those who are participating as Civil GAPK Guard they start with the rank Police[Plc.]

High RankingsEdit

These are the highest rankings of the army. High ranks do HRM [High rank missions]. They are the leaders of their divisions and help protect them. This list is from Highest to Lowest:

1. Adm.= Admiral

2. Gen.= General

3. Clnel.= Colonel

4. Lt.= Lieutenant

Average RankingsEdit

These are the Average rankings of the army. Average ranks do ARM [Average rank missions]. They are the once who orders Low rankings and are responsible for the navy and land force attacks and attack plans. This List is from Highest to Lowest:

1. Cmdr.= Commander

2. Cpt.= Captain

3. Cpl.= Corporal

4. Mjr.= Major

5. Chftn.= Chieftain

Low RankingsEdit

These are the Low ranks of the army. Low Ranks do LRM [Low rank missions]. They are possible as spies, raider etc. In the clan they do lots of missions and must work hard to achieve them to rank up. This list is from Highest to Lowest:

1. Prvt.= Private

2. Sgt.= Sergent

3. Rec.= Recruit

Other RankingsEdit

These Other ranks are not merely the lowest ranks. They do ORM [Other rank missions]. They are responsible for helping the armies win like medics to heal a wouned troop. This list is at random, so no highest and no lowest:

1. Asn.= Assasin

2. Engr.= Engineer

3. Mdc.= Medic

4. Plc.= Police

5. Sdm.= Sword Men

6. Gnr.= Gunner

High Elite Badge Ranking [HEBR]Edit

HEBR is the highest elite in the army. They are the ones who control the army. Many HEBRs has their own division. There are 3 Ranks for HEBR.

SGAPK= Special Galactic Army Peace Keepers

They are responsible for taking care of the whole invasion, guarding elite bases and defending the GAPK honor. They are special killers of an army and killers of our main enemy- SGSA [Special Galactic Security Army].They are the Body of the GAPK clan

CGAPK= Council of Galactic Army Peace Keepers

They are a Council full of elites which negotiate peace keeping with other clan leaders. They are the so called Mouth and Ears of the GAPK clan. They approve Recruitment so when im not around they will confirm the recruited soldier and put a rank.

HEGAPK= High Elite Galactic Army Peace Keepers

The highest of HEBR. Responsible for commanding an attack, Defending a base and creating a base. They are aimed to target GSA's President and list them as Enemies for me to see. They battle the highest rankings of GSA, sometimes even higher than SGSA. They are known as the Arms and Legs of the GAPK clan

Badge Ranking Elite [BRE]Edit

BRE members are known as the Legendary Warriors of GAPK Clan. There are 4 BRE leaders.

G-Adm- Commands the whole war operation. Responsible for all attacks. G-Adm is in Division 1.

H-Adm- Commands the whole peace operation. Brings peace to all clans. H-Adm is in Division 2.

V-Adm- Assistant of Division 1. Operates and plans for the Division 1 missions

S-Adm- Assistant of Division 2. Operates the Division 2 missions and confirms the Missions on the Mission Board

F-Adm- Commands Fleet in Army. Division 2 Officer.

These are the people who has these ranking and are the Powerful Warroirs of GAPK clan:

[Grand Admiral] G-Adm- carl101joshua

[High Admiral] H-Adm- Elite1

[Vice Admiral] V-Adm- radukku98

[Super Admiral] S-Adm- headboom

[Fleet Admiral] F-Adm- vincent killer

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