Uniforms Page

Note: you can see what uniform officers use

Standard Military UniformEdit

It is recommended what Military officers [Rec.-Adm.] wear BLUE uniform like Noir Lime's Uniform. If you put an Blue android's uniform it means your the Drone of the army capable of espionages, capable of being in the Run-Down team which we hire Robots color Blue.

Standard Judge UniformEdit

Judges are at the Supreme Court of GAPK Justice and has the responsibility of firing a GAPK Soldier, and making Trials. Judges wear a RED Uniform like Noir Lime's Uniform. If you are a Android and your armor is color red you are a Body Guard Dron [BGD] of the Judge. Sorry but we do not allow Female Judges in GAPK, its too risky, trust me.

Standard ORM [Other Rank Members] UniformEdit

ORM has ranks like Police, Medic, Engineer, Gunner, and Assasin. ORMs wear WHITE Uniform, not just any white uniform, the white uniform im talking about is the Heavy White Armor the one with blue Glass head plate and pointed chin, yea thats the armor.

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